The Level Field Fund strives to bridge gaps in funding to uniquely talented athletes, following the belief that opportunities to pursue excellence in sport should not be limited by an athlete’s financial situation. Simply put, we are funding talent and fueling dreams for the next generation of Olympic heroes.  The Michael Phelps Foundation partnered with the Level Field Fund to create the Level Field Fund-Swimming grant to talented swimmers with financial need.  

“Swimming is a sport that requires a significant support system to provide athletes with access to the best possible resources to improve and reach their full potential. Losing talented athletes because of a lack of financial means is troubling. We support the Level Field Fund because we are big believers that every athlete should have the chance to pursue their dreams to their full potential.” – Michael Phelps 

To learn more about the Level Field Fund and apply for a Level Field Fund-Swimming grant, download a grant application. To assist in funding talent & fueling dreams, please visit

The Level Field Fund-Emily Brunneman